Meb Keflezighi did more in 2:08:37 than was accomplished in 365 days of everything else.  His masterful performance more than enough to capture imagination and catapult Boston back to its rightful role as The American Marathon.

Best moment for me:  My old buddy Greg Meyer being the very first person to embrace Meb after crossing the finish line.  I turned to Linda and told her we have a very tiny anecdote, counting both Boston Legends as friends.  Greg, our gracious host at my favorite race (Grand Rapids, USA 25K Champs) and Meb, how many have actually spent time in a hot tub with him?

I have to admit that the tears were streaming over the last 5K.  Imploring Meb to dig ever deeper to hold off the hard charging Chebet.  Willing a win for our man.  For our country.  For you.  For me.  For the names of the 2013 victims he had inscribed on his race number.  For the Future of the Boston Marathon, indeed American Distance Running.

Yes, I cried.  Because to me, running is life.  Contrary to Pastor Craig’s view about me:
“Will’s passionate about running, especially the top 1%. Nobody is going to change him. All you can do is change your reaction to him. It’s running. Not life.”  The good pastor has never reached out to me personally (lost sheep?), surprised he found me worthy of weighing in on at all.  His commentary smacks of something I’m not too comfortable with from a man of the cloth.

Overlooked in the hoopla were Meb’s splits.  1:04:19, 1:04:18.  You try and tell me this wasn’t a man with a perfectly executed race plan.  A man who went in with the intention of winning the race.  A man whose place in Boston Lore is now forever secure.  A man who makes a strong case for being the Best distance runner in American History.  A man who has found that in running is the best in life.

And Shalane Flanagan taking it to the women’s field.  Making the race for the first 20 miles.  Finishing 7th in an women’s American Boston Marathon record.  Doing her part to show that Boston belongs to those that RACE more than it belongs to anyone else.

Sure there were thousands of participants, the story of the day however must and should be those that gave it everything they possibly could.  Especially that top 1%.  Those that honored the event by giving nothing less than absolutely everything.  Regardless of their finish time.

Cameron Cummings gave it his all in being the first current Nebraska finisher.  (Must note here that my buddy and yours Mike Morgan finished 13th overall in 2:14:40.  Ageless.)  Back to Cameron, this is his umpteenth year as top finisher.  Congrats too to Justin Mollak on his huge personal best of 2:35:12.  No Nebraska women were under 3 hours, the first time in quite a few years if I’m not mistaken (hardly ever).

Going to go dry my eyes now.