Pete Kostelnick named the USATF Athlete of the Week.  Check the list of previously named athletes to see how well respected Pete’s feet are.

I feel redeemed.  Rewarded.  Fifteen years of advocating for My USATF.  Five thousand four hundred and seventy five days of body blows and messy messes aimed at My USATF.

And now I look around and see it everywhere.  LDR membership way up.  A strong LDR committee.  Team Nebraska,  LRC Racing, Women Run Nebraska.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite.   Races certified and sanctioned.   At least some discussion now on who’s the fastest, who’s the best.   My USATF falling into place.

The one constant over the last decade and a half?  The one unwavering vision?  The fella that after it all got what he wanted?  With our athlete, our association and my team being recognized at the highest level.  My USATF.

I’ve nominated both Pete and Kaci for Ultra Runner of the Year, USATF’s highest honor within the discipline.  The national governing body of our sport taking notice of what is going down in Nebraska.  Recognizing and celebrating the progress and success of both athlete and association.  That’s the way it works with My USATF.

For those that have supported My USATF, for all those that have put up with my belabored, beleaguered, efforts I thank you.  Everyone else gets a raspberry.  And Pete get’s USATF’s weekly award for outstanding athlete.  My USATF.