A nod to my mother-in-law that passed away this morning.  Rough hewn Danish/Viking stock, old fashioned, no nonsense, spent her 90 years insisting on having things her own way.  Her favorite saying was “There’s Blood, then there’s water”, I was, am, and could forever only be water.  For 10 years while I lived in Texas, I wrote her a letter every week, trying to soften the old gal.  I was at least a little successful, when we moved to Omaha she took me under her master gardener’s wing and shared her knowledge and passion and heirlooms with me.  But water I remained.  Glad her suffering is over, not sure I’ll really miss her though, she was that much of a hard ass.  Rest in peace Nadine.

On a lighter note things are full steam ahead for this weekend’s Swamp Stomp.  Race day registration available so hope you can make it out.  The weather looks to be perfect, all that Good Clean Living by your road race management committee!