Would you like your cake and eat it to?  Here’s what we have cooked up.

The 39.3 or 26.2.

Come out and run Valley 7 Lakes on April 25th.  Get your unique bling, we’ve done our level best to make sure its a keeper.  In an effort to further distinguish our marathon,  you’ll be able to tell the difference between our half and full participation awards.  But that is just the start of our new offering.

Run Valley 7 Lakes and get the goods.  Fast forward to September’s Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon.  If you run V7LM Half Marathon and the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon you will receive a specially crafted “26.2” medal created to commemorate #ValleyStrong and your accomplishment.  If you run the full Valley 7 Lakes Marathon and the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon a “39.3” special medallion awaits.

Apples + Apples.  Both events the flattest, fastest courses in Nebraska.  Inviting you and all American athletes to run to your potential.

I’m crafting our elite field.  Athletes coming to our race track to chase Nebraska State Record Premiums.  To race after sub 2:20 and sub 2:40 bonuses.  Incentivizing excellence.

Look,  that is only a dozen or so athletes.  The rest of you are equally the reason for our efforts.  Your personal bests, your qualifiers, your goals.  Most easily met on the “Worlds Flattest Marathon”  and Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon.  Greased lightning just for you.  The Nebraska Marathon Challenge.

The start of the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.   A most inspiring morning!