I noticed just one second less of daylight yesterday.  Seasonal changes always a highlight of each year.  Onset of summer means a lot of things.  Foremost for the  Bar None is having everything in the ground and growing.  Towards that end I’ve cut and staked 112 tomato cages, have begun the same task for the 110 peppers.  No flop is the goal, keep all the fruit up and clean as a whistle.

Cleanliness is a way of life.  We host open houses to showcase our attention to clean.  We invite our restaurant partners to visit unannounced, surprise inspections if you will, towards the same end.

Same goes with our athletes, ahem.  Clean as a whistle.  No excuses or justifications or lies.  No  magical improvements by non runners, you’ve seen it and so have I.

Whom would you rather have on your team?  Pre or Ryan Hall?  You might be taken aback by how much of a generational  divide lies in the answer.  I’ll take Pre’s sneer every day.

Big racing opportunities this weekend.  Imagine for a moment that I’ve got a former national champ coming for a visit tonight through  Sunday.  He/She wants to run a competitive race as part of regular training.  I reach out to the local offerings and find that the CWS  Road to Omaha is the only one still accepting registrations.  That’s cool, but man I’d like  to see him/her race the very best.  Understanding the “absolutes”  of closed registration and no wiggle room, another departure from the old days when a marquis name trumped a management policy.  Race directors of old used to drool over talent.    Today’s are all about clean and tidy, no mess, no  fuss.  Rules are rules, It’s all good.