One less chore when we woke this morning at the Bar None.  The last of our laying hens were placed in a very good home right down the street.  Teaching their 3 kids responsibility instead of entitlement.  That is one of the most obvious changes to the Twin Rivers Homestead over the last six years.  Families moving here to give their children a taste of the Real Good Life.  Kids riding their bikes down the middle of the street, annual pie social, hamburger feeds, neighbors being neighbors type of thing.  You just can’t get this in the city.

This is the first time in almost 6 years with no trip to the barn to unloose the fowl.  No more two daily trips to the nesting boxes fetching, always be fetching.  And another trek at dusk to close them up til dawn.  4 times a day.  A lot of time spent thanking them for what they did on the property.

We found a good home for Jedediah a couple weeks ago.  One of the hardest things ever but the old knucklehead is a one dog, one man hound.  He’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.

This downsizing is for real.  Rumor has it that my athletics memorabilia collection is extensive, really cool, and some of it up for sale.  If you’d like a rare or one of a kind addition to your own collection, give me a holler.  Every Track & Field News (from 1962-1996), every Runner, every Runners World, every Track Stat.  Some great cover art.   Race programs, framed posters, signatures, original AP photos, Boston, Olympics, too much to tote around anymore.  Multiple large Rubbermaid tubs packed and stacked and just maybe ready to go.