Returning from dropping off my dear sweet Allison at school this morning,  Northbound on 180th, I saw an out of control pickup fishtailing at a high rate of speed.  It T-boned and flipped a van just ahead of me.  I immediately pulled over and ran to the van.  The female driver was belted in and hanging in her seat, trapped in the vehicle.  A couple of others had pulled over and someone yelled that they smelled smoke.  It seemed as there was no way to access the van to get the woman out. 

Being lithe and diminuitive, I began looking for any entry portal.  I was able to get the driver to unlock her rearmost window and squirmed my way through the chaos that was the result of the dramatic impact.  I was able to reach the front seat area, did a quick triage and found her to complain only of a possible broken left arm.  I was able to somehow cradle her in my arms, remove her seatbelt, and extract her through the moonroof.  Now, I’m no superman, but upon reflection I have no idea how I managed to get her out.  Luckily the “smoke” smell was the gasses emitted from the activation of the airbags.  The woman, although badly shaken, was fortunate to have been wearing her seatbelt, itwould have been much, much worse had she not.  I snapped this photo, a good time for me to learn how to insert pictures here.  The young lady that was driving the pickup was also OK, so no major injuries, that is the best news.  A high school student that was late for class and in too big of a hurry for the conditions.  Hard lesson for her. 

State Farm 10 Miler tomorrow morning in Lincoln, a good chance for many of our mates to test their fitness leading into Lincoln.  Craig Christians’ No Frills 10 Miler is also tomorrow in Plattsmouth.  But several of us are headed to the Wabash Trace for our final longest run going into May 1.  Going to be a muddy, slushy mess no matter where you are running.

Nearly 350 signed up for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs, today’s the last day to guarantee T-shirt sizes,