Just finished a good 9.5 miles with most in the hills of Scenic Sarpy/Douglas Counties.  All systems have checked out A+ and I’ve decided to hop into Hospital Hill Half Marathon on June 4th.  Had some of our mates from Scottsbluff come in last night for this weekend’s State Track Meet.  Introduced John Seiler and Ricky Trevino to some Omaha Hills and a brief tour of the west loop at Zorinsky.  Ricky’s sister will run the Class C 3200 manana.  Aubrey Worden of Scottsbluff will undoubtedly emerge as the distance star of the meet and will have some of the Good Mates cheering the loudest.

It was fun breaking out some of my running memorabalia for John & Ricky.  We looked at USA Olympic Trials Programs from 1952, ’56, ’60, ’64, & my personal favorite, 1972 in Eugene, OR. 

 We also marveled at results listed in “Best of Track Newsletter” vol. 8, 1961-1962.  From that gem an article titled ‘A Steeplechaser’s Opinion’ by John Disley of Great Britain: 
RUNNERS RUN TO SAVE THE WORLD.  “They are the modern counterparts of the medieval monk.  By their daily penance and self-sacrifice they are counter-balancing the materialistic trend of the civilized world.  Instead of turning prayer wheels, they gyrate round quarter mile ovals.  Om mani padne hum.  Or as they say at White City Stadium–58, 59, 60, 61– three laps to go.”

The Gambler Half is set for this Sunday in Council Bluffs.  We’ll have a couple of mates in the race and a few more distributing brochures for the Big Blue Run.

No I wasn’t really sprayed by buckshot, only some pre-cancerous spots removed.  I sure got a lot of mileage out of my version of the Farmer’s Daughter though.

Hope you go out and have some great running this weekend whether you are saving the world or not.

Aubrey Worden of Scottsbluff may need a U-Haul to get all her hardware back home from this weekend’s state meet.