Muffled, stifled, choked, obstructed, suppressed, hindered, delayed, restrained, limited, moderated, constrained, confined.

Never Subdued.

Thanks for the many emails I’ve received encouraging me to keep posting here until  is up and running.  I’m trying to learn web page basics to present my best side, you know its there somewhere.

Had intended to take a complete break from RGS here at Team Nebraska.  But the outpouring of concern and petitions for continuance of my dailyisms turned the tide.  One email in particular that couldn’t imagine Team Nebraska without Run Guru Says, heartwarming stuff.

So I’ll post here until the transition, “biting my teeth” as Linda would say.

Congratulations to Millard West grad Joe Harter on his selection as the Nebraska Gatorade Cross Country runner of the year.

The Team Nebraska group runs will be held Saturday and Sunday mornings from 187th & West Center.  The Village on the Preserve apartment clubhouse at 8:00 a.m.

My old buddy Al may have said it best.