This will be our final formal meeting on Wednesday night for 2011.  6:00 pm, Millard West.   Our 4th Annual wrap up party will give us one last chance to get together and celebrate the year.  Ugliest Toes Challenge, Running Haiku contest, and the Predict-a-Mile are always Great Fun.  Please also bring your favorite medal or award from this year to share with the group.  Stories encouraged, embellishments mandatory!  Upstream Brewery afterwards.

Our Winter Training Cycle will kick off Saturday, November 12th.    A new feature will be the different training venues.  We will be meeting at various places, including Two Rivers State Park, Lake Wehrspann, Holy Family Shrine, and the Yutan Clan (Dr. Week’s compound).  We’ll vary the terrain and location based on road conditions and weather.  For November 12th, we’ll be meeting at Lake Wehrspann at 10:00 am.   (November 6th is Beer & Bagel).

If you need appropriate gear for the upcoming winter you could do no better than going to: There you can find enough cold weather gear to protect you and keep you comfortable from head to toe.

Cranked out a set of 1200s this morning.  I knew this was going to be a tough workout but I went into it with absolutely no fear or dread, not a single butterfly.  I’m asking my body to run faster than it has for a couple of years, it is responding, and I’m digging it.  All I have to do is my very best and there’s nothing scary about that.  In fact I was telling Kelly Crawford, that the final repetition gave me a chance to get to that place where Real Running resides.  Where the only thing driving you to continue is yourself; doubt, pain, the elements, all be darned!  Pushing hard when few others would dare or be able to.  I was getting a :30 head start on Kelly, he would track me down (he’s that fast) but I would throw everything I had at him as he passed, not wanting it to be Easy on him.  Dreaming and training like a champion.

Silver Bullet Windproof Tights

Silver Bullet Windproof Jacket

Windproof Boxer (aka bubble wrap)

Wanganui Shelter Glove.  I also dig the Wanganui Cabrio Mitten.

The Balaclava is back!  This one is essential.  I also recommend the Wanganui Fleece Hat.