That was a whirlwind weekend for running and racing.  Goatz 50K Trail Champs in Omaha and Club XC Champs in Lincoln.   I’m A-OK with 2 USATF Nebraska Association Championships being scheduled for the same day.  Beats what we had 5 years ago.

I’m keeping relatively quiet about the scheduling.  Less quiet about the surfaces though.  I’ll be doing a full column on how things shook out for our LDR program.  But not today.

Celebrating Ashley Schurman’s Overall at the Goatz 50K yesterday.  Linda and I spent 6 hours cheering our mates and a few others.  Pete Kostelnick was 4th I think (not sure where Red Dirt posts their results, thanks if you can send me a link), Kyle Clouston also in the top 10 I believe.  Jeremy Morris too despite cramping for the last 17 miles.   Mike Wasson had a bad day too, he has no fear of taking it out hard and paid a dear price.

Anyone can finish a 50K.  If that’s what you’re in it for.

Also looking for results to the Cathedral Cup 2.5 mile race earlier this fall.  Anyone know where they reside?


Photo courtesy of Gary Dougherty.

Linda and I, happy through and through.  With each other, next to each other, no doubt about.  I wore a favorite shirt yesterday, sublminal message to everyone.  Twinkie.  “Its What’s On The Inside THAT COUNTS.”


No matter how you dress things up, no matter what kit or color.  Tastes good beats good taste every time.