The singular maxim in road race management: “You Can’t Control The Weather.”  Linda and I ran close to 10K of the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon course on Saturday.  Here’s what played out- Gun fired at the scheduled 6:20 a.m.  Temps in the low 50s, not a wisp of breeze.  If you are a sub 3 sort it was likely your pr day.  After that mark the winds started kicking up out of the north.  The rectangular shape of the course would have allowed in equal measures a tailwind, crosswind and headwind.  IAAF Record eligible.  Be sure and mark your calendars for Saturday April 25, 2020.

We went to the Drake Relays Distance Carnival last Thursday evening.  The day’s rains broke, skies cleared to a perfect night.  Liberty high school freshman Ashlynn Keeney dropped jaws with her 9:39 3000.  The 4th fastest ever at Drake, the 8th fastest freshman time ever in the U.S.  Cheered our friend Megan Billington on to the win in the women’s 10000.  Sat with Brogan Austin’s folks as he took his 10000 pr down to 29:09.  UNO freshman Emily Johnson ran a school record 16:59.80 for third after leading most of the women’s collegiate 5000.  Date night for a couple of track geeks.

Emily Sisson ran 2:23:08 at Sunday’s London Marathon.  #NebraskaProud

Brogan’s mom getting the obligatory hug from the champ.  The Blue Oval, making Iowa’s track and field memories special.