A common toast in the backwaters of Southern Louisiana.  Hoist a couple of the bi-valves to celebrate a significant achievement.  Or, a display of machismo.  “Hoist em if you got em.”  I might have to add that to runguru lexicon.

Who hoisted them highest and best this past weekend you ask?  Young Alex Obermier.  One of two this mid-2015  (Austin Post) that has adorned his cap with feathers named Hirsch, Morrissey, Vidlak, Dostal, Rutford, Watley, and Logsdon.  Obermier’s 25:39 was good enough to not only hand Seth Hirsch (2nd, 26:06) a rare defeat but also eclipse the young phenom’s winning time of 25:41 from last year.

Post, Obermier, Hirsch.

Es muy interesante!  These youngsters shaking up the doldrums of summer.

The future of distance running in Nebraska, as it turns out, is in the corners and recesses of our state.  Sure we can expect the occasional D1 athlete to make an impact but the depth and breadth of our developmental pool lay outside our two major metropolitan areas.  There are occasional exceptions (Vidlak, Miller) but I challenge you to list 5 D1 athletes that have graduated within the last 3 years that remain Competitive in Nebraska road racing.  I sure hope Mr. Post has plans to stick  around.  And a few others that I’ve been keeping a keen eye on.  The  future.  A visionary  always has his eyes ahead.

These young guns, these outliers.  These Oyster Hoisters!