Continuing with yesterday’s theme of Alpha.  The term has a somewhat negative connotation, given that it delineates the mere from the more.  But only for the meres.  The mores are just fine.  And there are more mores than ever before.

One of the key personality traits that is being implemented whilst crafting Nebraska Run Guru Elite is Alpha-ism.   I am eminently qualified to speak on the psychological make up of athletes.  Thirty plus years of delving into the weak and strong alike have given me the perspective necessary to speak with authority.

It might be hard to understand the subtleties of Alpha.  Even some Alphas don’t recognize it within themselves; a perfect blank slate for me.  We  have a young lady on the team that is in the top two nicest people I’ve ever met.  She would never guess she is an Alpha, only enters into that state between gun and tape, and right back to sincere sweetness post race.  But Tammy Consbruck‘s got it, don’t doubt it for a minute.

Pete Kostelnick?  Alpha.  Kyle Clouston?  Alpha.  Cameron Cummings?  Alpha.  Walter Key?  Alpha.  Stacy Mangers?  Alpha.  James McGown?  Alpha.  Mike Wasson?  Alpha.  Lindsey Brezenski?  Alpha.  Linda Kunasek?  Alpha.  Agustin Delgado?  Alpha.  Jerrod Anzalone?  Alpha.

Who else is strong and secure enough to run with this pack of Alphas?

NRGE is proud to announce today the addition of  Jeremy Morris, Alpha.  If we weren’t already the strongest Trail and Ultra club in Nebraska we are now.

And one Alpha to lead them all.