You better have a back up.  And it is always a good idea to keep your mind engaged with new challenges.

I’ve likely a hairline fracture in my right ulna, resultant of my recent fall.  And a severely sprained wrist.  Being right handed (Pancho) this has compromised my labours slightly, prompting more and more reliance on Lefty.

Training my mind as well as my body to accommodate, necessity the mother of invention. Practicing menial tasks at first, gaining confidence, now to the point where I am printing legible simple block letters.  Sound easy?  Give it a try.

I’ve had 3 athletes out this week and given them all the same message.  “There are plenty of coaches out there.”  Most will do a passable job if they are worth a grain of salt.

Why would Robert drive from Lincoln to meet with me?  Results.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I’m more concerned with preparing an athlete to overcome the mental side.  What does that consist of?  First of all, doing what is asked.  Robert Borer had entered What The Hill, some tortuous, repeated attack of a hill at Schramm I think, for hours on end.  I insisted he bail on that if he wanted a Real  Race at the Lincoln Half.  He did and his result speaks for itself.

Where am going with this?  My athletes trust me to make the best decision for them.  How many times have I pulled an athlete from a race because of some “minor” injury?  Every  time.

Andre called yesterday, comfortable in his apartment overlooking Central Park.  Entered into the upcoming Brooklyn Half but experiencing some knee pain.  I think he knew my answer before he called.

It’s called Discipline.  It’s called Mental Toughness.  To walk away from a goal race instead of risking further injury.  Or in Andre’s case, dropping out of the race.  My college teammate (Lamar University), he carries a life long 100% completion rate as a badge and testament to his toughness and courage.

Discretion, the better part of valor.  And the sign of a better coach.


Andre nearly died at last year’s Brooklyn Half, marching on with heat exhaustion and dehydration.  I’ve pulled him from this year’s race.