Some final thoughts before we bid adieu to the last 365 days.

We ran the a/c for only 5 days in 2014.  Turned it on for company only.

Good to see an old buddy join some other old buddies.  Fernando Cabada (Mr. Fabulous!) has joined Brad Hudson’s training group in Boulder.  He’ll be joining Pat Rizzo, Zach Hine and a few other national class studs.  I’m seeing an all star line up at next September’s Freedom Run Half Marathon.

After it all.  Countless miles, infinite steps.  I marvel at what must be in Pete Kostelnick’s head.  What keeps him going under the most dire and extreme of conditions?  Same goes with Kaci Lickteig.  These two aren’t your two day touring, selfie taking, holiday making, lolly gagging, hash tag tagging, we’re all winners, bring your dinners, gizmo wearing, reluctantly daring, polyester sporting, testosterone snorting, well you get the idea.  They are In It To Win It.  And to be able to focus their minds for 100 miles or 24 hours or Badwater or Western States just boggles me.

Happy 61st birthday to local stud Rob Cubrich!  

Little Elvis is in the building.  In an unexpected twist our Silkie layed her first egg yesterday, unusual for 9 months old.  All 5 chickens now producing, averaging 20-25 eggs per week.  Red and Two now sitting or splaying upon command, social and smarter than you might think.

Manna from heaven.  Hunters from across the U.S. pay big bucks to our neighbors for the privilege of hunting Canadian Snow Geese.  The harvested corn fields a deli favorite for the passing multitudes.  BANG!  BANG BANG!!  One managed a crippled flight path to a corner of the Bar None.  A merciful single shot and opportunity to try out my new skinning knife, forged by my father’s hand.

20141231_085840All different shapes, sizes and colors.  Just like people.  The white one, the first down Elvis’ chute, featured at this morning’s breakfast.

We wish you a safe and happy new year, surrounded by friends and loved ones.  Looking forward to a great and competitive 2015.