Three runners under 1:07 at the 2017 Lincoln Half Marathon.  Sammy Rotich (1:05:36), Eric Lagat (1:05:55) and Zach Baker (1:06:58).  NRGE’s Grant Wintheiser 4th in 1:07:09, Al Sanabria’s 1:07:57 making the top 5 under 1:08.

That’s a pretty good  start to what I’m hoping will be the most ROBUST half marathon year on record.  The cats out at the Nebraska State Fair will bring in the usual busload of runners from Coon Rapids.  The Good Life Halfsy is popular with the  fast crowd from Nebraska.  Small course correction and the race will be dialed in.

You might not throw the Twin Rivers Freedom Run Half into such an illustrious pool.  But maybe you should consider it.  Zach Hine’s 1:04:48 from 2014 still the fastest 13.1 in 30 years on Nebraska soil.  I have to admit there was recruiting  business for me  in Duluth a couple weeks ago.  Crafting of the field has begun.  Might just have a barn burner come September 10.


My last race was the 2014 Monument Half Marathon in Scottsbluff.  Pete and Kyle and Linda and I slept under the stars that night, four original members of NRGE.  Memories now fondly recalled.  Peace.  Love.  Run.


Pete is in Belfast for the World 24 Hour Championships.  Goes in with the best credentials.  USATF, its all about putting bodies on podiums folks.