A lot of you have a marathon coming up this weekend.  I hope your training cycles have been spot on and that you are ready to run as fast as the course allows.  I ran Lincoln twice, a 3:32  disappointed as hell, and a 4:16, my marathoning death knell.  I’ll always appreciate the early support from the race, a key to the early oughts rejuvenation of competitive distance running in Nebraska.  This used to be one of the biggest weekends of the year for me.

I wore out the phrase “Peak No Taper” for a generation of marathoners.  Don’t make the mistake of tapering instead of peaking.  How do you peak during race week?   Here’s some free coaching:
Monday- 2 mile warm up, 2 x 3 miles @ goal marathon pace w/1 mile easy between, 2 mile warm down
Tuesday- 75 minutes easy hills
Wednesday- 1 hour easy with 4 x 50 meter strides at the end
Thursday- 45 minutes easy with 4 x 50 meter strides  at the end
Friday- 30 minutes easy with 4 x 50 meter strides at the end
Saturday- 15 minutes easy with strides at the end
Sunday- 15 minute easy warm up, run the last mile of the course so you know where to turn in to the finish.*

The weather looks  to be great, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at your backs!

* Wintheiser Rule