Our Little Slice.  The Twin Rivers Homesteads.  Nestled between the Platte and Elkhorn, rugged individuals and families.  We all came out here for a reason, mainly to be away from the hustle and bustle of “The City.”   Myrtle Cook has lived here, in the same house, for her entire 97 years.  Think about that!  Carl Seieroe is 90 and has lived here since the 60s.

Linda and I have gotten to really know and appreciate our tight knit if somewhat closed community.  We tend to rally around each other when needed, no questions asked.  Putting any differences aside in favor of doing good for one another.  Josh Coates and Billy Hirschman, two of the very best neighbors one could hope for.  The two major snowfalls in the last week nothing at all for these high steppers.  Equipped with country sized blades on their bobcats, every driveway (long stretches for most of us) cleared before the coffee has a chance to get cold.  A wave and a nod, perhaps a piece of Linda’s German Chocolate cake, the home owner association fees.  Bill Wooford dropping off enough hewn Locust and Mulberry last night to stoke the woodburning stove the rest of the winter, just because.

We spend our limited idle hours looking at Trulia and Zillow, mountain views and pristine lakes and dreams of Hawaiian surf.  Places that we consider close to Heaven on Earth.  And then we realize what we have right here.  Pearls In The Snow.