Choice.  A good adjective and noun.   Selections based on subjectivity.  Personal preference.

Take a look at the roads.  Cars.  Hundreds of makes and models, each just perfect for the driver.  No explaining for personal  preference.

My preference is for excellence and I’m fortunate to have lived long enough to define it my way.  Its a lifestyle, a mindset, a philosophy.  If I’m going to do something  I  want to do it to the very best of my (sometimes limited) abilities.  I hope it shows in my work.

The morning dew prompting this muse.  Linda and I in the garden early.  I told her how utterly satisfying life is.  How rewarding it is to hand select each tomato for Brushi Bistro.  How  I consider it an honor and privilege to partner with Chef Paul, a fella that knows excellence in farm fresh produce.

Each tomato described by noun and adjective.  Choice.

Excellence is my personal preference.  In food and in running.

Not so Grand but a hell of a race anyway.  Three Kansas City Smoke fellas ran within :23 of each other to claim the top 3 spots (2:49:26, 2:49:39, 2:49:49) at the State Fair Marathon in Grand Island last weekend.  First female was 3:01:36, 2nd 3:23:20.  Was it the weather?  Was  there a change in the course that used to lay claim as fastest in Nebraska?  Was it the lack of C level Kenyans from Coon Rapids?  I like this way better.  Support for our USATF Elite Development Clubs and athletes.  Personal  preference.