Resumed my cat bird seat at the annual  Seth Show.  Lead bike at Boys Town 5 Mile for the  umpteenth time.  Young master Hirsch didn’t disappoint.  The “W” in 24:27 a course record.  Over four minutes ahead of 2nd place.  The  tape had barely hit the pavement before some of the oldsters insisted Tim Dooling’s 24:10 in 1986, on a different course (same hills), was not to be dismissed.

The most competitive race of the spring/summer/year in Omaha.  At least it used to be.

Is it the hills?  Is it the fear of the young jedi?  What the hell is it?  Jen Freeman took  the “W” for the ladies, the single athlete, the only racer, male or female, from either Team Nebraska or LRC Racing or Women  Run Nebraska.  Why do they thumb their noses at this classic?

14 year old Sam Runde (13th o/a in 30:52) and 11 year old Jackson Runde and 20 year old Tristan Nelson and 51 year old  Stacy Shaw were in NRGE Kit.  Tim Fry and Michael Bickley brought several Club 402 runners to the party too.  So there’s still hope.

Only one person in Nebraska could have run with Seth, he was out at the Bar None, running sixteen miles at 5:15 pace (half marathon plus :15).  Grant Wintheiser has a mission in Duluth.

Angee Henry Nott made her NRGE debut in Atlanta a barn burner.  Part of the new 4 X 100 American Record for masters females.  We are privileged and honored that Angee has chosen to  run for us.


Angee is a Nebraska icon.  Ran for me under the old Red & White, and will now carry our NRGE kit into the record  books!