A buddy of mine from West of the Platte did a double check with me  last week.  Wanted to make sure I wasn’t bs’ing about turning down a trip to Hungary and passing it along to Ann.  Yes, yes, true as the day is long.

I was happy to read that Mike Morgan has been awarded one of 12 RRCA grants, $2500 towards expenses as he trains up for next year’s Olympic Trials Marathon.  He also receives an additional $500 because he is a previous RRCA Roads Scholar winner.  Which reminded me that I wrote his nomination letter back in 2005.  On top of his game for over 10 years now.  Who will step up to fill his shoes?

Chef Paul Braunschweiler was one of the first runners I met after moving to Omaha in 2001.  Had a finish line photo from the Chicago Marathon on his wall.  Introduced myself right away.  He told me he’d be ever so happy if he could get into NYC, damned lottery and all.  I called David Monti, Professional  Athlete Coordinator for  the race, he took care of  it and Paul got to race through the burroughs.

I called my old buddy and Boston Marathon RD Dave McGillivray seven or eight years ago.  Tom Whitaker, perennial Omaha Running Club Pres and his lovely wife wanted to get into Boston.  Can you help a brother out?  You bet.   He’s done that more than a couple  times, great guy.

In 2009 I asked Gary Bredehoft to be the Team Leader for the squad of mates I sent to NYC, the Men’s DMR setting a club national championships record.  He knows how it used to  roll.

Have a fun and fast weekend!