This blog is like living in a glass house, nothing to hide here folks.  Look and see, take from these words what you will.  Something I hope all gentle readers will glean is that you should always pursue your dreams.

My dream upon moving here in 2001 was to offer Nebraskans a marathon that mirrored the very best marathons around the U.S.  Chicago, Houston, Twin Cities, Grandma’s, you know the roll call.

The number one criteria, based on my experience working with all the above, “A Completely Closed Road Marathon.”  Dreamers and visionaries, oft pilloried!

The single hurdle a slip of paper.  “What you need is permits!”  “How can you have a completely closed road course when you can’t get the permits to close them!!”  Impossible is nothing.

Yesterday’s meeting with the Douglas County Sheriffs and Engineers.  You start at the start.  Put a Sheriff and Level III barricade at every single intersection.  And just like that the World’s Flattest Marathon is also Nebraska’s Only Completely Closed Road Marathon.

Please Permit Me.  Thank you.