Runners that choose to race.   Runners that seek out the very best competition.  It defined my generation.  You went where the very best runners were.  Depth of similar talent, relative goals and dreams.  Competing with the intent of self improvement.  Real Racing.   That was all there was.  No selfies, walking sticks, or fanny packs.  Newtons had figs.

If we missed a Real Race we were pissed.  The chance to pick up scalps just too irresistible.  Those competitors we faced and raced, week in and week out, contributing to mutual seasonal development of fitness and fierceness.

No Politics.  No Fear.  Fear is easier than politics.

Fear is in your face.  Politics are behind your back.

I know there are serious, talented distance runners in Nebraska.  I invite all of you to put the politics away for a moment.  Consider what it really is  that you want out of racing.   Are you training  up with a purpose?  Is it to dig into your deepest depths?  To see how far you can push yourself ?

Is it to run Personal  Bests?  I’ll throw back to my generation again by saying that is the only reason we raced.  The only reason I will still race, even if age grading be my balm.

I invite everyone to come out to the Twin Rivers YMCA 10K on September 10th.  This pancake flat course was designed specifically for personal  bests and Real Racing.   USATF Certified and Sanctioned.  Your times will be meaningful in a much bigger picture.  You will be able  to use them as qualifiers for other high level competitions.  Your personal bests will be cherished.  Your finish order will fire you up for the next week.  There is already plenty of quality NE14013KUcompetition signed up.  Top 3 open prize money.   If you want a fast, legitimate race, we hope you will join us.

Freedom Run 10K