As a ten year old it was hard for me to understand John Carlos and Tommie Smith standing on the Mexico City Olympic podium with outstretched, clenched fists.  Figured it out as a twenty year old.  Met Tommie as a 50 year old.  A whole lot of freedom of speech being talked about again with kneeling during the national anthem.  The universities standing behind our dissidents as it should be.  As a blogger and a veteran, I fully support peaceful protest as part of that basic right.

Our USATF Nebraska Assoc. XC Championships are set for November 13th at Walnut Grove.

Teddy Mitchell is running for Men’s National LDR Chair.  He was on the 2000 World Champs Half Marathon team I took to Vera  Cruz, MX.  He has reached out asking me to second his  nomination in Orlando this December.

Women’s LDR Chair Kim Keenan Kirkpatrick picking Linda’s brain this  morning on our Athlete Development Program.

Pete is past the 1200 mile mark, breezed through  Ft. Collins yesterday.   I’m nominating him for the USATF Ultra Runner of  the Year.