Founder (2002) and tireless champion (15 years now) of the USATF Nebraska Association LDR Program.  Founder Team Nebraska.  Founder Run Guru Elite.  I’ve literally bled for USATF.  Sorry for the reminder but necessary groundwork for this morning’s notions.

USATF.  Course certification.  Making sure the advertised distance is exact.  Legitimate times for qualifiers to other important events.  Course Sanctioning.  Making sure the event meets current USATF minimum standards.

Team Nebraska.  Lincoln Running Co. Racing.  Women Run Nebraska.  Club 402.  Run Guru Elite.  All USATF member clubs.  Part of my  grand design.  USATF member clubs.

USATF.  Its all about athlete development.  Its all about  providing bona fide competitive opportunities.  Its all about legitimizing our sport.  Making it meaningful on a larger scale.  Standardized criteria developed to make comparisons easily understood and transferable in discussions regarding performance.

The Freedom Runs- 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon are USATF Certified and Sanctioned.  I did the work.  For you.  So that your race can be meaningful and respected outside of the venue.  We’ve had a good response from many of  our USATF Elite athletes.  Many of them will be toeing the line.

Some however will be running another race the same day, the old Platte River Syndrome.  That event is not USATF Certified or Sanctioned.  They’ll be missing out on the better event.  I’m calling on all other races, east or west of the Platte, to get with the program.   My program.  USATF.   But ah, there’s always  November’s USATF Club Cross qualifier,  tickets to Lexington, Pioneer’s Park,  and all that.  We’ll be seeing you all soon enough!