Boystown comes and goes with no change up top.  But at least there was a solid chase this year.  Seth Hirsch, age 17, (25:49) led the way with Nebraska Run Guru Elite’s Brandon Wissing  27, next in 26:28.  Cory Logsdon, 28, of Team Nebraska (27:11), Ivan Marsh (42, LRC Racing, 27:45, 1st-40+), Nate Swenson (28, unattached, 28:17) and Colin Morrissey (26, Team Nebraska, 28:47) rounded out the major  players.

Good to see the 3 top clubs represented on the men’s side.  For the  ladies it was Jen Freeman (35, Team Nebraska, 32:48) and Amber Sargent (28, NRGE, Inc., 33:27) the only two USATF Nebraska Association females in the race.  I was hoping to have a more  robust representation by our USATF clubs, no ladies from LRC or Women Run Nebraska.  Or any female masters at all.

Hey, its a start.

My bet (hope) is that we’ll see a whole lot more Nebraska representation and competition at this coming weekend’s Dam to Dam.

For those of you not friendly with me on facebook, at least a couple of you ; ), I’m recovering after my bad spill on the bike last Saturday.  Five hours in the ER and I’m all stitched and patched up.  Police reports filed, Waterloo CSI documenting the scene and my injuries.  The dog and homeowner soon to hear from my representative.

My buddy Bjorn Suneson is back and up to his transcontinental tricks.  Making his 5th traverse from west to east coast.

Our bees are the Italian variety, very docile.  I mow within a couple of feet of the 16 hives and not yet a sting.  Learned propagation last weekend.  Remove the queen and some workers from the hive, put them in their own box.  Pull the larvae tray and inoculate into special cells, put back in main hive, the remaining workers cultivate a new queen.  For every queen there is a hive.  For every hive there is honey.

Proud of not so little anymore Noah Kunasek.  Freshman at Burke.  Linda’s nephew.  Varsity letter in track for his work on the 4 x 800, pole vault, and hurdles.  Just missed a varsity letter in wrestling due to an injury.  And working hard to make this fall’s varsity football squad.  Stud.