It is with the Greatest Anticipation that I wait for the start of our fall marathon season.  And Greater Interest in the fall half marathon season.

Most races proudly trumpet their elite fields, hoping to attract the masses with the carrot of lining up alongside some of our  sports stars.

My elite athlete coordinator career spans back to the late 80s and early 90s.   And yes, there is good value to having an elite field in your race.

What is your definition of an “elite” or Pro runner?  It is with interest that I watch the State Fair Marathon.  Jeff is trumpeting 12 elite athletes coming in.  I’ve asked and otherwise tried to find out who is racing, hoping maybe an old buddy or two will be there.  To no avail.    As a fan of the sport, I sure am interested but guess I’ll have to wait for the Big Reveal.

If you are a fan of local, regional, and national level elite running, here is a partial list of the invited runners for The Freedom Run Half Marathon.  Athletes were offered waived entry, host families, meals and genuine hospitality.  Sadly, not many are coming to Valley.  I’ll be posting up those that are on August 21st.  Tough to score our local elites  with the Buffalo Run and Corporate Cup and Wabash Trace Marathon (?) all the same weekend.  A quick search of the database of USATF Certified Courses shows the Freedom Run has been measured and approved for that designation.  I was almost certain the Buffalo Run was certified as well and am a little shocked that it isn’t.  Doesn’t really matter.  Except to me.

How big of  juevos do I need to  predict a new men’s record (1:04:48) for the 2015 Freedom Run Half?  About this big.
Gerardo Hernandez
Quinn Vermie
Shannon Suing
Luka Thor
Trevor Vidlak
Tanner Fruit
Tom Nichols
Eric Rasmussen
Brdget Easely
Kayte Partch
Al Sanabria
Cory Logsdon
Colin Morrissey
Ashley Miller
Riley Cook