Public Service Announcement.  I just got out of the Midwest Dermatology Clinic, had another 8 spots frozen off the arms, hands, and head.  For goodness sakes, use Sunscreen, preferably SPF 50+ while you are still young and cancer free!  It is insidious and will not rear its manifestations until you are well past your youthful vigour.  And whatever you do, stay the heck out of tanning salons, the Devil’s Microwave!  And you older fellas be sure and have your PSA (prostate specific antigen) checked as part of your total wellness approach to a long healthy life.  Ok, enough of the soapbox.

Aaron Carrizales will tackle the San Jose Half Marathon this weekend, wishing our mate Great Running, Good Luck, and a sub 1:05:00!

Our Market to Market Co-Ed team is being decimated by injury.  Two of our females have withdrawn, I think I can throw in my Dear Sweet Allison & Katie and we’ll still be fine in that division although it will be tougher to crush the Open Men’s team.  Yawn.

Still time to get the early registration rate for the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Monster Dash 5K!  Go to to register and be sure to check for more details.

Looking forward to tonight’s preview of the Swamp Stomp, all are welcome to join us out at Chalco at 6 pm!  I received the age group awards last night from New Orleans.  You are going to Love them!