I’ve dealt with some real blow hards over the last 10 years but last night takes the cake.  Have some roof damage, a tree down, and havoc wreaked upon my garden.  Some of my neighbors got it a lot worse. 

Made for a nice morning to run though.  The cooler temps and great company made th 9 miles pass with ease and smiles. 

I’m still working with a limited capability, the darned internet machines always expose me for the technological dinosaur that I am.

But I shine in my kitchen!  Last night I came up with a new creation, the Purple Pizza.  I make pies once a week and am always looking for something new, here is the skinny:  Eggplant, purple spinach (from the Old Market Farmer’s Market), and Kalamata Olives.  Tasty!

Chris Tegtmeier will compete in the 20K Racewalk  USA Championship this coming Sunday morning, 7:00 am start time.  Good luck and Giddyup!

Wednesday night track workout, Millard West, 6:00 pm:
1.5-2.0 mile warm up & down
12 X 200, 3 sets of 4, 200 recovery between efforts, 1/4 easy jog between sets
Set 1 @ current 5K minus :10/mile (i.e. if current 5K is 8:00, then 7:50 pace or :58-59/200)
Set 3 @ current 5K minus :20 (ie 8:00 5K is 7:40 pace or :55/200)
Set 3 @ current 5K minus :30 (i.e. 8:00 5K is 7:30 pace or :53/200)