Rode Hard and Put Up Wet.  You can tell the horses that were out in the driving storms, dutiful beasts carrying exhausted riders, resolve both above and below the saddle.  Dripping, steaming, tough, hand picked as best of their breed for this unforgiving life.  Ready to do it again.

Our own Pete Kostelnick will be racing Badwater coming this next Monday.  If Western States was a tune up for Badwater, his title defense starting in Death Valley is a rehearsal for his record attempt across the U.S.

I spent an entire day hilling potatoes.  Missed Pete and Kyle and Kaci speak at the Lincoln Running Company about their Western States adventures.  Good representation by the mates with Linda and Stacy and Michel and Jeff all showing up, all ears.

I got the cliff notes, Pete’s record attempt will require 70 miles per day.  Six hours sleep nightly.  Wow.  You can bet he’s going to be Put Up Wet.