For years my kids and I had a routine at suppertime called Quizzes.  They could select any broad category and I would ask them questions, pretty simple premise and one that helped build education, memories, and bonds to last a lifetime.

Today’s Quiz:  What do the Chicago Marathon, Houston Marathon, Boston Marathon, NYC Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, California International Marathon, Austin Marathon, St. Louis Marathon, Kansas City Marathon, St. George Marathon, Grandma’s Marathon, and Des Moines Marathon have in common?  Answer:  They each provide TNB, as a USATF Elite Development Club- and 501 (c) 3 not for profit- assistance to our athletes that are financially struggling .  We’ve always appreciated this and could not fulfill our mission without that support!

Speaking of marathons we hope to see you out Sunday morning for the Omaha Marathon.  A couple of the mates that should do well are Dustin Llewellyn and Lauren Klima.  Lauren is a previous champion and Dustin is as fit as he has been in many years so you’ll have some hometown heroes to cheer for!  The Quad Cities Marathon is also on Sunday and our 2010 Masters Male Athlete of the Year Jeff Marshall will be churning and burning the streets of Moline, IL.

Don’t forget that the early registration deadline is tomorrow for the 6th Annual Swamp Stomp 8K XC Festival.  You can register at active.com and please feel free to check our digital web brochure at www.swampstomp.digbro.com

Local Channel 7 celebrity and stud Ironman Michelle Bandur will be emceeing the awards ceremony at both the Swamp Stomp and Monster Dash.  For the Stomp we’ve got some cool awards ordered from New Orleans, have gone back to the much requested Long Sleeve T’s, have the Prairie Gators all tuned up and the Seafood Gumbo on our minds.

Master Gator Steve Kunasek will once again perform the National Anthem on his squeezebox at this year’s Swamp Stomp.