Sara Hall led all women to the finish line in Central Park in 32:27.  Sara used a 16:12 5K split and never slowed to win our Women’s USA 10K National Championships in New York City.  Near perfect pacing, running on the redline.  $20,000 for the win.   Nice.  https://usatf-womens-10km-championship.runnerspace.com/eprofile.php?event_id=2522&do=videos&video_id=277839

The 3rd annual Jim McMahon Open Track Meet was held at Westside HS yesterday.  Thank you Derek Fey for this gift to the Omaha running community.  Linda and I had planned on testing our limits but a shard of pottery in her foot squelched those.

Race Results.  An anachronism.

Look, you regular readers are here for a fix.  Your Monday morning Old Fashioned.  I’ve poked the steaming piles dotting our area, our state, our nation.  Relished my role as educator, instigator, raconteur.  And pissed off hundreds if not thousands.  I’ve lamented the near demise of my sport as I know it.  Railed against those responsible.  Have stood up to, have stood against, have  stood up for.  Standing my ground.  For that ever diminishing creature, the Competitive Athlete.  Competition for competition’s sake.  Mano a mano, the victor the spoils, the rest the hindmost.  Real Racing.

You’ve heard my cries about the co-opting and corruption of Real Running and Racing.  Well folks, I’m vindicated if vilified.

I hope you’ll tune in regularly this week.   I’ll be presenting analysis and supporting arguments that corroborate my sometimes acerbic observations.  Truth.