Our Virtual Valley runs closed yesterday but not to worry!  Please do make sure and get your run in and report results to originalrunguru@gmail.com   Our first batch of race swag packets are going out this morning.  All registered runners will be receiving whether or not you turn in a result.  Here are a couple of the  more inspirational stories from this past weekend:

Katie Navratil was to run her virtual half after last night’s shift at work.  With a curfew being imposed she asked if it would be ok to run today instead.  We give Katie a big “air hug” and support her 100%.

Renee Krusemark turned in our fastest female performance thus far with a nice 3:26:45.

Olivia Salow had to do her marathon (4:02:17) in Overland Park, KS this past weekend.  She had planned on doing it in her hometown of Minneapolis but the riots prevented safe passages.

Continued thanks and appreciation to all that have supported Valley 7 Lakes.  Biggest thanks to our presenting sponsor Steve Wolf and Flatwater Realty!