Some great cross country results from Saturday!  My two favorite teams were in action and came away well tested.  Our newest mates fared best!  I detailed the Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Knights last week, my homies!  Taking their talents to the St. Thomas More “speedway” in Champaign, Il.  Very pr friendly and didn’t disappoint either.  ALAH Knight Layton Hall broke the tape on the 3 mile course in a sterling 14:53 (Illinois’ version of Seth Hirsch).  Taking down last years number 3 and number 5 ISHA XC champs runners in the process.  Logan Brockmeir improved his best to 15:39 to finish 4th overall.  Lyle Adcock (16:58) and Jake Adcock (17:49) also set personal bests.  These fine performances led the Knights to 2nd overall behind last year’s state champs runner up Olympia.  Their races were also good enough to trump last year’s state champs Monticello.  Not for the last time, Giddyup Knights!

Here in Nebraska our DC West Falcons kicked off their season in Auburn.  The Falcon lasses were the story of the day taking the women’s title in an eye popping 18 points, like this: Olivia Moulasek (3rd, 22:50), Ellie McCarville, (5th, 23:29), Maria Moulasek (6th, 23:34), Abaigeal Aydt (8th, 23:52), Morgan Morrison (10th, 23:52).  Aydt the only senior with four sophomores scoring, look for big things from the lady Falcons this year!   The Falcon fellas took 2nd overall with Ryan McArdle (2nd, 18:36), Parker Gaston (9th, 19:34), Zach McArdle (13th, 20:06), Ed DeLashmutt (19th, 21:07) and my boy Jack Runde (21st, 21:11).  Ryan is a senior, Parker a sophomore, Zach, Ed, and Jack all freshman!

On the road locally Cornfield to Cornfield 10K, Colin Morrissey took the win in 34:06, Lori John first female in 42:00.

Valley 7 Lakes Marathon recently presented a check for $3000 to the Falcons, new sweats!

The Lady Falcons making some early noise!

Layton Hall, a Real Stud.  His brother Logan is a top runner for the University of Illinois.  I presented Layton the benefits of visualization and mental rehearsal as important training components.  The Mind Is The Athlete, you savvy?    Giddyup!