A tip for those of you starved for Real Racing- The Race Is Where You Make It!

Around  50 stalwart runners and  walkers gathered at Lifestyle Fitness in Waterloo Saturday morning.  The KrayZ 5K featured two loops around charming Waterloo.  Lifestyle  Fitness the host venue, Flatwater Realty presenting sponsor, Race Director Kray Zeller.  Kray and I sharing a deep and irrevocable bond, prompting the drive from Wahoo.

I  surveyed those gathered for pre race instructions.  Assessed each with keen eye, honed over four decades of sizing up competition.  Worked the crowd and ultimately figured I could win.  Excepting the young distaff twin, part of the DC West powerhouse, so maybe first overall male would have to do.

After receiving our directions we gathered for a rousing rendition of  the Star Spangled Banner.  The professional dj cajoled us, pump up the jam!  Kray gave final comments, and asked those that were “In It To Win It” to raise their hands.  The young lass and I simultaneously  shot our hands skyward.  A couple of fellas also raised, 30 and 45 years younger than me respectively.  I felt the intense if familiar nausea deep in my belly.  Aroused now and ready for flight or fight, the gun raised, fired, and we were off!

The Race.  Its Where You Make It.