Racing and Politics, strange bedfellows.

No matter if you are Red or Blue or Purple, this campaign has worn on like an uncertified marathon.  It has beat us up as bad as running on the Keystone Sidewalk or River Front Sidewalk, or Antelope Sidewalk.  Hard on the body and soul.

I’m here to tempt you with the pleasures of asphalt.  Soft stretches of forgiving country roads, all laid since the floods of 2019.  Imagine a 26.2 miler that absorbs rather than returns the shock of 60,000 steps.

Who would desire such a course?  All serious marathoners to be sure!  Why would you want to “Run To Your Potential?”  Because you bust your butts for months in training.  Because you have goals.  Because you deserve it.

Whether your aim is to  break 5 hours or 2 hours 10 minutes.  Personal best?  Yes.  Boston qualifier?   Yes.  Olympic Trials Marathon?  Yes.

Why not give yourself the very best chance to achieve what you desire?

Mark your calendars for Saturday April 24th,  2021.

I approve this message.