The buzz is out there.  America’s Marathon-Valley 7 Lakes is a Throwback.  Hearkening to a simpler time when you trained your butt off with a single intent.  To race to your potential.

Do you have what it takes to toe the line?  Are you committed to your own personal best?  Do you have the need for your own relative speed?  Willing to push your limits?  Have you ever wondered what you could really do under the ideal  conditions of a wide open, pancake flat, lightning fast, closed road course?

Do you dream of breaking 5 hours for the marathon?  Are you doggedly pursuing your Boston Marathon qualifier?  Do you aspire to an Olympic Trials Qualifier?  Do you want that “Race of a Lifetime, your Personal Best” that you’ll proudly carry into your competitive sunsets?  If so, Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is for you.

You should have your base miles well behind you at this point.  Less than 14 weeks until some of the most serious marathoners gather in front of the Veteran’s Memorial in Valley for the start cannon.  All those cold winter miles imbuing strength and confidence for the Real Work necessary to achieve all of the above.  Time to turn up the heat, by degrees, with sound and focused training.

To quote Jennifer Wilson, “scared, excited, scared, excited”, that is where you should be right now.  Filled with hope and just the right amount of anxiety, your two greatest fuels when handled properly.  I’ve coached Jennifer through two marathons.  Both saddled with hilly courses, just missing her ultimate goal of breaking 5 hours by eyelashes.  This marathon is for her.  I’ve been pushing Aimee Hough since October.  The goal of breaking 4 hours well in the rear view mirror now, her true potential being carefully nurtured on a daily basis.  This marathon is for her.  Both fitting the profile of Real Marathoners.  Do you?