The 2nd annual Valley Days 1500 Meters lived up to its billing as the “Race of  the Year” in Nebraska.  But only  if you are a fan of Real Racing.  Head to head competition on wide open roads.  No sidewalks, out and back, a Real Road Race!  I invite y’all to inspect our course, A Real Road Race

If you or your coach  are interested in the opportunity to run to your  potential, we’ve got that dialed in.  If they or you are truly interested in personal excellence in athletics, get off the sidewalks!

Back to the race!  I’ve been putting on road races since 1983.  This was the closest finish I’ve ever seen.  A dead heat.  5:33.17 for both runners entered.  That’s right, two official entries into the race.  USATF Certified. The best chance of the summer to run fast appealed to exactly them and no others.  Another state record to claim I suppose!  The energy and enthusiasm for  their  performances exactly the same as if we’d had 200 runners.

Stacy Stodden’s performance important because her time age grades to 5:01 for a 54 year old woman.  It also age grades as 4:47 for a 25 year old female.  She’ll be able to use that as a legitimate qualifier for bigger races.   Stacy would run the Lincoln Mile the next day in 6:13.

The course you choose to run on can absolutely affect your lifetime personal bests.  In this case, a :18-:20 difference.  Which course would you really prefer to race on?  Take me and the politics out of the equation, look inside yourself, and ask that simple question.

Are you a Real Racer?  There’s Racing and then there’s Real Racing.  Real Racing is about chasing your personal bests and running to your potential.  Wherever that may unfold.