September 12, 2068
USATF Nebraska Association Meeting
Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska Association President Report
Declassifications respectfully submitted by Miles Dooling

Documents on the tumultuous formative years of the USATF Nebraska Long Distance Running Program.  Copious notes kept by founder redacted including some never before released detailing efforts to bring down the program.

redacted established the fledgling effort in 2002 to address the lack of support for post collegiate athletes in Nebraska.   Reverberations rippling westward, why this rebel, why not one of our own?   redacted formed Team Nebraska the same year to begin advocating in earnest.  redacted would be awarded USATF’s highest LDR award at the Association level- the Scott Hamilton Award, in 2002 for his work.  In 2003 redacted received USATF’s Women’s LDR Volunteer of the year.  In 2007 redacted was honored with the Lincoln Track Club Distinguished Service Award.

Between 2007-2009 redacted entered into a fabricated pissing match of epic proportion and lost.  Hell hath no fury and revisionist history a charm away.

The  2012 USATF Club National  Championships at Burke Stadium in Omaha remained one of redacted fondest memories.  redacted and his protégé redacted demonstrating their commitment to the highest level of competition in athletics.

In 2013 redacted returned to the fray with Nebraska redacted Elite, Inc.  In 2017 the team would dominate the Nebraska road racing scene with event records and fastest times in decades.  Competition stimulated.
Another 180 pages still under review prior to release.