Its my birthday, its my birthday!  Good day for me to think back on the first 54 years, what I’m thankful for, what I’ve done, where I’m headed, what I might have done differently.

I’ve always maintained that my life has no regrets, they have too negative of a connotation.  With the wisdom of hindsight however there are certain things that I might have changed chronologically.  Going to college right out of high school probably tops that list.  I waited 12 years to start, plus another 5 achieving my degree.  Its those initial 12 years that I now consider with more introspection.  Could they have been better spent?  At least 10 of them could to be sure.  From 1975-85 I pretty much wandered aimlessly, convincing myself that experiencing the world (school of hard knocks) would do me right.  And it did shape me and I’m glad for those important lessons learned, I’m just not now convinced that there were enough of them to make it worthwhile when juxtaposed to pursuing a career.

Part of what sharpens my focus, gives me pause, are the wonderful people that I work with on TNB.  These talented, ambitious, motivated, aspiring athlete/citizens represent what is best about being young.  They seem to be so much more mature than I was at that age (maybe more than I am now?), with their lives full ahead of them, a limitless future.  And so it is with the world, the provenance of Youth.

Another is my own children.   My eldest Miles by now a man.  It was with great pleasure that I received a text from him on Saturday describing the wonder of running through The Garden of the Gods in Colorado, something I’ve yet to experience but was thrilled he could, and Would, do.  My dear sweet Alli, very much like my TNB kids, already knowing where she’s headed, excited about how life will bring her there.  And my youngest Katie, just a freshman at Millard West, still too young to be bothered too much by anything at all.  I’m a lucky man to be able, at this age, to have three wonderful kids still at home.

I’ve been in Omaha 11 years now,  longer than any other place I’ve ever lived with the exception of my hometown.  It is as easy for me to see the mis-steps that occurred when I first arrived as it is for me to see the wonderful result of my passion and work.  Thanks for entertaining the ramblings of an old man, I’m looking forward to the next phase of my life here in Nebraska.  And I appreciate your continued support of someone that after all really just wants to make a positive difference in the lives of our future.

p.s. Just checked my Facebook, thank you to all my friends from around the world that have taken a moment to salute, I am truly blessed.

Me and the old man, like father like son.