Women’s 10K World  Record is now 29:17, until further notice at least.  Women’s Marathon in the books, American Women 6th, 7th, & 9th, Giddyup!  Galen couldn’t muster a finishing kick in the Men’s 10K, I hope he has a better plan for the Marathon.

How  about the  41 year old female gymnast?

Usain Bolt, oh my!

Women’s  Steeple just false started, let’s do this  again.  Get some Emma.

Kyle Clouston and Stacy Shaw, your 2016 Bar None Beer Mile Champions.  Ten brave runners, including Pete Kostelnick who ran from Lincoln as a warm up, and also Jimmie Doherty who gets the Bob Kempainen Award for best chunks blown.  Biggest surprise of the evening was Team Tully ringer Jim who set event records for least amount of  time for each beer, at each split, ending up 4th overall.    Plenty of supporting cast, good gathering of friends on a fine summer’s evening.

Good to catch up with Grant Wintheiser.  Came out for a quick 16 and fall planning session  on Sunday morning.  The Amherst Flash Brian Bergt and his lovely bride Rose also visited us yesterday afternoon.  This fall’s hog now ensconced in the horizontal.

Go Emma!  Just took over third and eyeing 2nd!  Battling now over the final lap!!  Two abreast into the final water jump, stride for stride into the home straightaway!  And holding on for the Bronze!  And the American Record!!  Jebet sub 9, just missed the WR.