Of the little children.  With apologies to Roger Miller and “England Swings.”

A good article on Youth Sports on the front page of today’s OWH.  I’ve preached it and now Dr. Kody Moffatt of Children’s Hospital says it best.  Diversify your athletic efforts, especially youth.  Take long breaks from your chosen sport.  Don’t overspecialize too early or too long.  It leads to injury and burnout.  No matter who tells you otherwise.   Parent’s good intentions are often pavers straight to hell.

Wunderkinds.  Let me count thee.  Young stars run into the ground.  As predicted.  Sadly.

Too much.  Too soon.  For whose gratification?  Athletes that are too young (not my gifted child you know it all, they are different!) to know any better.  Simply not mature enough either physically or psychologically.  Bent to tasks not yet appropriate, obedient, unfortunate.  Knowing no better until its too late.

Parents as coaches are the worst, 99.99% of the time.  Congratulations if you or someone you know is in that .01%!

Congratulations to Kaci Lickteig and my old buddy Kory Cool.  Kory was 2nd overall at the State Fair Marathon (2:43:14) and Kaci was 3rd overall (2:50:04).  Kaci won the women’s race by over 26 minutes!  Top American finishers.   Grand Island always has a good pipeline to the C level Kenyans around the midwest.  Don’t get me started on that.  In the Half Marathon, women scored 3 of the top 6 spots, 3 of the top 5 if you take out the Kenyan that won by well over 10 minutes.  Easy, easy money.

Tomatoes.  I pulled 500 pounds last week.   Sold them by the case, by the bag, by the each.  I’ll pick another 500 pounds this week.  Rosy-Red Cheeks.