Spent the better part of yesterday afternoon cleaning up a downed tree.  Small handsaw and a lot of elbow grease, few things make me feel more alive than good hard labour.  I would have tacked the job with my axe if I could have found it.

There is a lot of TV coverage of the USA National Championships in Eugene beginning today.  I’m putting together my predictions on who makes the World Championships, hoping that at least one Nebraskan makes it through (Run Alice Run!).

David Adams will be running the Steeplechase, what a great opportunity for the recent UNL grad.  I see Tommy Schmitz is entered into the 1500.  Some of you might remember Tommy running the Omaha Mile in 2009 (as did Alice Schmidt).

Reading on LetsRun that Ric Sayre died shortly after completing his run yesterday.  Old Timers like myself recall Ric as being a courageous, hard working athlete that took a modicum of talent to a 2:12 marathon pr.  He was always in the mix in the 80s and his friends will miss him dearly. 

Hopefully this is the last post from my makeshift office.  I’ve never felt so hamstrung, nor so liberated.  No Real Work done but am enjoying getting some good yardwork in.