We’ve been hosting our “6 Foot Fitness @ 6:00.”  Modeled somewhat after our old Wednesday Night Fitness program.  Encouraging appropriate social distancing while pushing a few limits.

Linda and I have been exercising regularly, walking 5 times a week.  We’ve broken into a trot occasionally.  Most of the time I’ve been wearing cargo shorts, not the kit de rigueur of competition.  Maybe have run a total of 5 miles over the last month.  A life time of fitness taking precedent over all else these days.

Around noon yesterday I decided I’d hop in last night’s workout.  Coach Linda is writing the program and it is sound.  1 x 800, 2 x 400, 2 x 200, 1 x 100.  I focused on hitting the 800 only.  Figured I’d run ~4:30.  Good 1 mile warm up with pick ups included in the last 600 meters.  Immediately to the line and off with the command.  1:56 through  the quarter surprisingly easy.  I knew then it would be a negative split effort.  Carrying that confidence around the oval, Elation!  Extending the stride in the penultimate 200, focusing hard in the next 100, and giving my best the last 100.  Second quarter in 1:48, total of 3:44.

When Linda called out my time I broke into a huge smile.  I’m still a runner.  And will always Run For My Life.

NYC Marathon cancelled.  Berlin Marathon cancelled.  Chicago cancelled.  Houston in January already making plans to reschedule.  Events with international participants just ain’t going to happen folks.  Events with mega participants just shouldn’t happen yet.  But there are controlled races going on across the U.S.  Smaller, more intimate, tailored to serious racing more than participation.  Interesting.

Valley 7 Lakes Marathon, paying very close attention.  Linda and I have our own ideas.