Congratulations to everyone that made the slippery slide out to Two River State Park for this morning’s 10K!  Photos available at our 2018 Winter Fitness Series facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TwoRiversWinterFitnessSeries/

Halley’s Comet 10K
February 24, 2018
Two Rivers State Park, Waterloo NE
25 degrees, icy

1. Jay Welp, Iowa City, IA 34:20
2. Mark Abrams, Council Bluffs, 34:49
3. Sebastian Borowik, Siedlce, Poland, 39:15
4. Craig Halverson, Council Bluffs, 40:25
5. Crystal Kmoch, Omaha, 45:59
6. Clint Kmoch, Omaha, 47:20
7. Jackie Freeman, Bloomfield, 47:33
8. Joana Borowik, Siedlce, Poland, 52:54
9. Steve Nabity, Elkhorn, 53:20
10. Mandy Kumm, Wasau, 56:07
11. Crysta Chalupa, Omaha, 57:21
12. Haley Birmingham, Bellevue, 58:14
13. Joseph McAvoy, Omaha, 59:10
14. Tammie Mead, Syracuse, 1:08:13
15. Kayla Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 1:08:35
16. Ashton Wachter, Wasau, 1:17:48



Long and languid was Nat our cat
Cleopatra on a chaise, just like that
Stretching in her favorite sun
Brother King her biggest fun
Sibling gatos, black as night
Barn cats playing  such a sight
Natalie and King, Bar None Delight
Now Natalie’s gone, things are less right
King is lonely and Linda is blue
Dear Sweet Nat, how we miss you

Life on the farm is hard sometimes.  Our little miss Nat was just the best kitten ever.  Linda’s  favorite and that love was reciprocated daily.  Our hearts are heavy today.


What to do, what to do?  Based on the current forecast the easy way out would be to cancel Saturday’s Halley’s Comet 10K.

Read the fine print on your race entry forms.   Your mega races will likely include a well crafted turn on a strict no return policy regarding entry fees.  After all its a business.

No such language on our entry forms.   You are more than a business.

Linda and I will be at the park starting at 8:30 for packet pick up and race day registration.  We checked the course yesterday, established landmarks to set our mile markers, likely to be under some fresh powder by gun time.  Have dotted all our t’s and crossed all our i’s.

An event management truism, “You can’t  control the  weather”.  This year we’ll focus on having a blast  more than running fast.  After all, this is our Winter Fitness Series.  Your chance to get outside, into the elements, pursuing a healthy lifestyle.   Towards that end we invite you to bring your running shoes or snowshoes or cross country skis.  We will give you a race number and we’ll still pull your tags for official times.

Please leave plenty of time for safe travels.  The  best judgement always your own, if your road is clear we hope to see you here!

My old buddy Brant Kotch shared this photo.


Well here we are.  For those recent to my musings, you’re seeing a vastly different side that is exactly the same.  Today’s message same as it ever was, barely clothed, eminently clear.

Do with your running what you do with your life.  Do  with your life what you do with your running.

Do it your way.  Don’t let others dictate.   Do it with passion.  Do it with gusto.  Do it with commitment.  Do it like it will define you.

My running life pretty much summed  up right there.  My real life as well.  Rushing in where angels fear to tread.

That is the pat answer as to why April 27, 2019.  There are many more layers to it to be sure, but simply, I’ve always wanted to put on a marathon.  After 35 years in the road race management arena, track and trail and road, the biggest and most elusive-the marathon, still sitting atop my list, box unchecked.  Our management team feels the time is now right for a second spring marathon in Nebraska.  And we all agree that we want it to be something very special.

A closed road, world class marathon in Nebraska.  The only thing left for me to do.

Comes to this.

I’ve offered that 2:10 for men would be a reasonable winning time on a course with less than 20′ total  elevation.

And with the right support its worth a 2:25 for women.


Owning up to my missed called shot on a new event record at Trek.  Ivan Marsh won his 12th consecutive (4:43). Sarah Bickerstaff (5:55) led the women.  Liz Starbuck learned the importance of having a seeded number.

The Blackstone District Love Run 5K  had 75 finishers led by Eric Klein (16:50) and Christy Nielsen (19:45).  Put on by IronHawk Endurance just down the street here in Waterloo.  Brad Hildebrandt’s venture off to a good start, he’ll be hosting a few road races here this year.  Waterloo, the new epicenter of Nebraska Road Racing?

So nice to  see Jay Welp (1st- 8:36.40 pr) and Colin Morrissey (2nd- 8:37 pr) and Cory Logsdon (7th- 8:48.29) honing  their speed at the Nebraska Tune Up  3K.  Personal bests for Jay and  Colin.  In the 5000 meters Peter Falcon got his own W and new pr in a nice 14:58.  Way to work fellas!

USATF Indoor National Champs this past weekend.  Of local interest Shelby Houlihan pulled the double winning the 3000 (9:00.08) and 1500 (4:13.07).

Shelby’s mom and dad both raced  the 2008 Omaha Mile.  Connie Prince-Houlihan beating Bob to the line by a couple of  steps.  She was age 50 and ran 5:17 on the lightning fast course.

#FarmStrong revisited.  This picture from the Bar None High Level Training dojo, circa 2013.  On your far right, Sam Runde, top 10 at the USATF Jr. Olympics 3000.  In the green shorts, Trevor Fauver, 2016 State Wrestling Champ from Gretna.  In the red shorts, your 2018 State Champ in the 182 pound class, Lance Jarrett.  Good clean living, good hard work, excellence!



USATF Level I Coaching

March 17 and 18 in Lincoln.  This opportunity doesn’t come to Nebraska very often so if you’re interested better sign up before the price increase on March 3rd.

USATF.  Youth.  Officials.  Long Distance Running.  Coaching Education.

I’ve got mine.  Kyle Clouston got his with me.  So did the Falcon clan.  Jay Welp got his while running for me.  My mates Jackie Freeman, Ashley Schurman and dear sweet Linda are signed up for Lincoln.  Its a full weekend to be sure, demonstrates how serious you are about the craft.  I’m always advocating for the coaching education program.  Especially within Nebraska.

With all the local marathon coaches and training programs available your very first question should always be- “Do you have your USATF Level I Credentials?”

Huevos!  I got em!  Enough to predict a new Event Record at tomorrow’s Trek Up The Tower.

Ivan Marsh has owned the Trek, winning every edition thus  far.


Saturday April 27, 2019.

This blog keeps me honest and accountable.   To my dreams and goals and visions.   Musings giving expression to what rolls around in my head.  I’ve never hesitated to put it out there (here).  Opening up the discussions that seem important to me.   Hoping to inspire you by showing and telling.

Race Director Tristan Nelson has secured DC West High School for the Five Lakes Marathon.  Full use of the facilities, the race will mirror the Olympics by finishing on the track.  Narrowed our dates down to a preferred Saturday, April 27 2019.  We’ve presented our course to the Valley Waterloo Business Owners Association.   Douglas County.  Dodge County.  City of Valley.  Village of Waterloo.  Schedule packed with additional meetings, infectious enthusiasm our greatest strength, 35 years of road race management in the back pocket.

This then becomes my passion project.  To mentor Tristan, to help him achieve his own dream of a small town, local charm, completely closed road course designed to offer every single runner the opportunity to run to their potential.

Show and Tell.


Thank you Chloe Kim for today’s title.

When you are so hungry for something that you become angry.   To  do something.  Sometimes unexpected bursts of creativity, almost always accompanied by an unwavering determination, a Gold in the Half Pipe for Chloe.

I went to the table and accepted what was given.  Fed but a pit in my stomach after the meal.  Something always missing.

Umami.  The Perfect Meal.  The recipe, its ingredients, proportions, textures, aromas, times and degrees.  Dusting off an old classic.  The preparation not easy but worth it.  I call for the perfect meal and now know it must come from my own kitchen.





Eugene Chase Eppley once eloquently stated, “Friction is the enemy of speed.”

So is gravity.

I belong to a social media collection of road race management professionals, Event Professionals Group.  Some of the most respected admins in the business offering ideas and input.  I posed the following question to the group recently- “Anyone know off the top of their heads the flattest road marathon in the U.S.?”

Always chasing the superlatives.  Even in my industry I had to make a clarification early on.  No, that one has sidewalks!  Or paths!  Or trails!  Or whatever else is substituted for a bona fide road race.  The oldsters, the purists, they (we) remember unencumbered racing.  Shoulder to shoulder describing both the course layout as well as the competition.  Curbs are meant to be run between, not run over.  Wide Open Places = Wide Open Races.  No “big squeeze”  funneling runners onto 4 foot wide corridors of concrete.

Back to my investigation.   Florida courses were mentioned.  Bay State in Lowell, MA and Humana Rock N Roll New Orleans and Jekyll Island Marathon in Georgia, Palm Beach, Chicago, A1A in Fort Lauderdale, Louisiana Marathon, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Miami Marathon, Chasing the Unicorn in Pennsylvania, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and the most intriguing to me, the Winter Warm Up in Dublin, Ohio which is run on a 1 mile loop.

My studies went further.  To London.  To Rotterdam.  To Berlin.

With just a couple exceptions it would seem you need to travel internationally or at least to the coasts to find the flattest, fastest closed road course marathons.  What interests me is the design of near to pancake flat opportunities.  Held entirely on closed roads.  This I preach.  This I  teach.

My question then became, could this be among the fastest marathons in the world?

#FiveLakesMarathon #Spring2019