As I sat on Santa’s knee
Preparing for his query to me
Only one  thought was in my  head
And I stared into his face ruddy red
Before I answered I saw his smile
“I know Willie, you want to run  a mile!”
But  Santa I protested
This old knee has been tested
And determined to be
No further use to me
“But you’re a Real Runner”
He answered quite quick
“And you’re sitting with Old St. Nick
So  go ahead and ask to run
And I’ll make sure it gets done”
So I petitioned the Jolly Old Elf
Please bring my knee off the shelf
And with the wink of his eye it was done
And now Willie can Run Run Run
Seventy miles so far this December
Feeling better than I ever remember
Looking forward to racing next year
Taking on all far and near
So look out you 60 year old farts
Old Willie’s got some brand new parts!