Today’s column is presented as a public service announcement to anyone that is considering running the Council Bluffs Half Marathon tentatively scheduled for October 5th.  I went to the original presentation introducing the event to the area and was not impressed.  Agreed to ride the lead bike the next year and saw first hand what a fiasco it was from a management perspective.  Extremely hot day, people passing out, no medical services (“we’re using 911”), no water at the finish line, etc.

If you are or were planning on running this event, or were burned by D.R. previously, you must read the following article that appears in OUTSIDE Magazine.  “The Shadiest Man in the Racing Biz”  It is a bit lengthy by necessity but illustrates what a bad product, on so many levels, this scoundrel is attempting to foist on our running community.

And my recap from insider info provided by my local and impeccable source:
First year timed by Steve Kurtenbach out of Sioux Falls.  Second year timed by Alan Higley.  Third year timed by John Snitko out of Mason City (PigManTri) and 4th timed by Red Dirt Running Co.  The fifth year (2013) the event was moved to Lake Manawa (home of Mick Freeman’s Series) and no one would even rent him a clock.

BUYER BEWARE!  Last year’s banner to give you a heads up on what to look for.