Run Jack Run!

The greatest joy for me now in our sport is coaching youth.  I’ve been simply giddy over 8 year old Madison Scott.  She went to the AAU National Champs week before last, came home with a Bronze and a shiny new 1500 personal best of 5:56.  She also tied her pr in the 800 in 3 flat.

I do my best work at the DC West track.  Cultivating the talents of both Sam & Jack Runde as well as Madison.

V7LM was delighted a couple of weeks ago to present Coach Maline  with a check for $3000, new sweats for the entire team.

It was Friday’s news that really has me excited though.

I had always hoped that Sam & Jack would be able to run for  the Falcons.  Not in the cards for Sam, now a senior at Burke.  To remind Sam ran a freshman cross country school record 17:03 before spending the next couple of years injured, big miles not always necessary.

I always contended that Jack may well turn out to be the best cross country runner of the two brothers.

Jack has transferred out of OPS and starts at DC West today, his first practice with the team this afternoon.  I’m confident that Jack will rewrite not only the  freshman  records but set new school marks across all the distance disciplines, cross and track.

Run Jack Run!  See Jack Run!

Sam & Jack Runde at the Bar None, circa 2013, learning a lot about Excellence In,  Excellence Out.

Jack tore things up at Beveridge, he’s looking for more  of the same with  the Falcons!  Shown here battling young Bickley.  Not for the last  time Giddyup!