“Research to date has not shown any one training method to be generally superior over another, provided the work load is constant.  All four common types of training (interval, fartlek, continuous fast running, LSD) can produce improvements in cardio-respiratory endurance.”  From THE RUNNING BODY by E.C. Frederick, World Publications, 1973. 

There are as many ways to get yourself in great running shape as there are runners.  You just have to find the right mix of the above mentioned ingredients, adapt them to your individual tolerances and preferences, apply diligently over a period of time, and Viola!  Race ready!

What’s the old saying, there’s nothing new under the sun?  On this morning’s run we were discussing shoes and gadgets and gizmos and technical fibers and replacement drinks and energy returns, ad infinitum.  But what it really comes down to is getting vertical and proceeding forward at a relatively quicker pace than normal.  Pretty simple stuff really, even if you have to learn to juggle real life while pulling it off.  Interval training, fartlek, continuous fast running, LSD.  Four training principles that we all introduce into the crucible of ourselves, testing which and how much and how long and how frequently, hopefully coming up with just the right recipe for race day.

Over 30 years of running has given me a pretty good idea of what works best for me.  After turning 50, flexibility, dynamism, and adaptability have joined the pantheon of the big four training principles.  Still operating within a structured training program but allowing the expectation of eternal excellence to take a side to contented reality.  Maturation as a runner, no longer the gale winds at my heels, but every footstrike all the more cherised just the same.  And still I want to push just a little bit harder…